Wednesday Evening Classes

Wednesday evening classes generally run from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on a love offering basis. Prosperity classes are tithing classes. Any exceptions will be given with specific class information. Many of these classes can be participated in via computer or phone by clicking on the “watch live” button on the right. Childcare is provided on campus for these classes.

Spiritual Education and Enrichment Classes

Whether you want to become credentialed as a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT), a Certified Spiritual Educator (CSE), a Unity Minister, renew your passion for spirituality, or discover new ideas that will change your life, we want to support you on your journey. Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) courses provide the prerequisites required for credentialing as well as practical metaphysical teachings you can use every day to enrich your life.
CCU offers classes in a variety of formats:

S.E.E. in the Field – These Intensive Courses are offered during a one week-long period offered the last full week of February and June each year. You can take up to 4 classes per week during these sessions. Some of these classes are offered both Face-to-Face and Live Streaming. All classes can be taken for S.E.E. credit.

Standard Evening Class – Courses are offered Thursday nights for 4 weeks, can be taken for S.E.E. credit. Dates vary. These classes are offered both Face-to-Face and Live Streaming.